► Windows 7 Tips and Tricks — Download Windows 7 Free Legally (w/ GeekDisorder)

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How to Download Windows 7 Legally!

Welcome everyone! Thanks for joining us for Geek Disorder’s Windows 7 Tips & Tricks series! In this video we will be going over how to download Windows 7 legally. Please note that these are legal downloads and Windows 7 only has a 30 day grace period before you must enter a product key.

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  1. A better word would of been some, but some of the most important. You will not be able to download and install some security updates and all Microsoft optional updates, only the most critical updates will be made available to you. You will not be able to update Windows Defender firewall or suite. You will have a few other annoying features missing such as optional views and desk top backgrounds changing.

  2. i happen to know that most features don't stop working after thirty days. the only difference is that it pops up a reminder every once in a while saying, "this copy of windows is not genuine", and resets your wallpaper to black. it happens randomly, but generally about every fifteen minutes. it steals focus, so if you were typing or playing a game, you have to click back to whatever it is you were working on. other than that annoyance, you can continue to do everything normally.

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