✅Windows 7 Tutorial – How to burn an ISO image

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This quick Windows 7 Tutorial shows you how to burn a .iso disk image file. to CD/DVD. For more tips click cheers!


  1. dont download poweriso. My anti virus kept saying that it was blocking stuff when I was on their webpage. Then I looked up reviews and there are people saying that it is scamware and such. Just a warning. Maybe use another program or something

  2. Mine says "The selected disc image file isn't valid". How can I fix this? I have been trying to get something to work for a long time and this is always the result, and I would like an answer promptly

  3. That was great perfectly clear and concise. Didn't know that 7 had the ability to burn an ISO file natively. One of the dinosaurs coming from XP . My laptop is fully capable of running 7 but I have an old Desktop that would struggle have decided to use it to try linux lite 2 on. I bought a bunch on stuff to refurbish it. Its all NOS (new old stock). All in it has cost me a little less than $200. For what is a new old computer. that will see my vary simple needs for the forseeable future.  Any way thanks again good luck to you.

  4. Windows 7 Home Premium Service pack 1. When I right clicked the .iso, I selected "Open with" and then selected "Windows Disc Image Burner". Just for anyone who might have the same issue of the option not appearing in the menu like yours.

  5. How long does this take? i clicked burn and have been waiting for like 20 minutes with no progress at all. my CD-ROM isn't even doing anything. Its not frozen and I'm not getting errors, it's just sitting there.

  6. There is a single file 14gb game iso (hitman absolution) and how to split into 3 or 4 parts and how to burn in disk.I will then burn the four files splitted into 4 DVDs. But the question is will it ask for the Second installation Disk and Third Installation Disk. After i put the first DVD and install then it should ask for the second dvd and resume the

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