🎮 Connect an Xbox One S controller to a WINDOWS 7, 8, 10 PC incl. Bluetooth a Comprehensive Guide 🎮

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Connect an Xbox One S controller to WINDOWS 7, 8, 10 a Comprehensive Guide

James takes you through all the steps to connect some plastic to other plastic.


໐ Wireless Adaptor Driver Issues

໐ Bluetooth (Win 10)


  1. My controller (connected by USB cable to my PC) does the same thing when I plug in my headphones (Sennheiser HD 215) and I have no sound! I haven't found any articles online related to a solution for this problem. Can someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks!

  2. I previously had windows 8 on my computer and upgraded to windows 10 free and my Bluetooth wont connect to my controllers. Do I need the adapter because I switched from windows 8? My xbox one connects just fine but my controllers don't (both my controllers have Bluetooth)

  3. I just want to connect my headphones to the controller using the audioj ack how the hell do I do this in windows 7? I haven't find an answer, when i connect them i get no audio. I'm currently using a wired controller.

  4. Hey man great video! I'm having trouble connecting my controller to the laptop wired. My laptop is running on windows 10 fully updated and when I plug it in my laptop doesn't recognize anything plugged in. any suggestions?

  5. Today it can be done using only windows update 🙂 and bluetooth software (checked on windows 7 pro x64, dongle bt400 asus and controller Microsoft Xbox One 4N6-00002) I didn't use any additional software. Just plug in device by cable, found drivers by windows update, installed dongle, removed cable connection, by bluetooth icon and in state of rapidly blinking controller found controller in devices (it lasted couple of minutes). Then it dissapered from bt devices:) tried again by icon when it rapidly blinking and it took then some drivers from windows update again and now it fully works. Actually I couldn't believed that new version of controller of Microsoft can't work with legal windows 7. Guys Legends are true it works.
    After couple of hours and my excitement.. it works but only by cable :(((( I guess I will change my OS. Sorry

  6. Do i also need a play and charge kit if i buy the xbox one s controller and want to go wireless or does the controller already has a integrated battery inside just like ps4 controller ?

  7. I tried to update a one s controller to my win 10 through USB cable, and Xbox app wouldn't detect it. I connected it via bluetooth, and it appears in the device and printer section as normal, but not in Device Manager and the app. what the hell. does it even support wired connection?

    (EDIT)So… I was dumb enough to not know that some USB cables are only for charging and has no capability to transfer data. I found another cable, and it instantly installed.

  8. thank you
    now which of these options are better for playing in windows 10 ?
    1-xbox one controller
    2-xbox one controller with 3.5 jack
    3-xbox one controller with wireless adapter
    4-xbox one s controller
    does "xbox one controller with wireless adapter" have 3.5 audio jack ?

  9. Let me get this straight, correct me if I wrong, I need the wireless usb adapter to connect the xbox one "S" controller to win 7 and win 8, but I don't need any adapter to connect the same controller to win 10 because it has a built-in bluetooth designed to work only on win 10 and the xbox one S console itself.

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  11. i have windows 10 and i'm thinging to buy this beast BUT i have bluetooth will it connect? what i whant to say is does this controller any bluetooth version or driver?

    I you know please answer

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