💻 Dial Up on Windows 10 w/ NetZero

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Since I just installed windows 10 I thought I would see if free
dial-up with NetZero still works. Even though it seems to work it only appears to work using internet explorer and not Microsoft edge. Also Opera seems to be non-functional.

accelerated dialup internet is a lot better than this. it is simulated 300kbit/s rather than 56kbit/s. This was a compression method used right as broadband started coming around. There was also ISDN & ISDN 2 which were dedicated lines at 112kbit/s. Last…


  1. Ima Copy and paste ninja
    The first thing we hear in this example is a dial tone, the same tone you would hear when picking up your landline phone. The modem now knows it's connected to a phone line and can dial a number. The number is signaled to the network using Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency signaling, or DTMF, the same sounds a telephone makes when dialing a number.

    The remote modem answers with a distinct tone that our calling modem can recognize. They then exchange short bursts of binary data to assess what kind of protocol is appropriate. This is called a V.8 bis transaction.

  2. Netzero indeed does work with internet explorer and Chrome in Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. Netzero works coast to coast, Maine to California – no problems. You can also use NetZero DataShield to get 128bit VPN encryption over any connection – protecting your email, credit cards, etc. That works over any connection, such as a coffee hot-spot, hotel WiFi, or even your home cable internet, fiber, or DSL. for the 90% of the rural land mass that makes up USA – dial-up and even dial-up+satellite internet is the only way to go. No cable TV out in the rural areas, thus the need for satellite TV and dial-up. For the far reaches of USA, you still can't get cell phones – no economic profit to put up towers. For all your email and basic browsing, Netzero dial up still works great !

  3. I used this to get online during Hurricane Irene when she knocked out my cable. It was my only contact with the outside world for a week besides listening to the radio.

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