🔧 How to Optimize Windows 10 For GAMING & Performance The Ultimate GUIDE

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The ULTIMATE guide to Dramatically optimizing / Speed Up Performance in windows 10 in 2017, For Both OLD and NEW PCs getting more fps in games and speed up your pc FALL CREATORS
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This video will teach you guys how to tweak , optimize and Speed up windows 10 for gaming , productivity , Boost FPS , Power user tasks and every day tasks. This…


  1. Here it is, Due to high demand, THE ULTIMATE GUIDE to increase performance / Speeding up windows 10 – Increasing FPS in ALL Games, Faster Boot times, Faster system responsivness, Lower latency, Faster Loading, and all things to ensure your PC is running in tip top condition

    Enjoy guys!
    – Panjno

  2. Please dude! I have a GREAT gaming asus i7 laptop Gtx 1080p and for some STUPID reason I can’t play fortnite unless I get 20-60 FPS!! Wtf PLEASE HELP ME SOMEONE! I have tried a full restart and it doesn’t do anything 🙁

  3. Taken from the Microsoft Community forum:


    Each time you turn on your computer, Windows keeps track of the way your computer starts and which programs you commonly open. Windows saves this information as a number of small files in the prefetch folder. The next time you turn on your computer, Windows refers to these files to help speed the start process.

    The prefetch folder is a subfolder of the Windows system folder. The prefetch folder is self-maintaining, and there's no need to delete it or empty its contents. If you empty the folder, Windows and your programs will take longer to open the next time you turn on your computer.

    Dangerous myths: Deleting the informaation in Prefetch folder

    There are often claims that deleting the Prefetch folder actually results in less boot-up time and more free memory. The reasons for this vary—for example, some experts claim that Windows loads Prefetch information for all of the programs you’ve ever started on your computer into memory automatically, filling your RAM with unused data (this is not true.) These experts recommend deleting the contents of “WindowsPrefetch” on a regular basis, to keep your memory free from unused data. Ouch! Two reasons:

    1. If you don’t run a program, Windows does not access the Prefetch information.
    2. Windows maintains a maximum of 128 entries in the Prefetch folder. It cleans itself automatically.

    So, if you actually delete the Prefetch folder, here’s what you should really expect to happen: Windows and applications will need noticeably more time to start, as the Prefetch data needs to be collected again. The entire performance of your system will slow down.

  4. Go fuck yourself, piece of shit. I almost fell for this video. Some of the tips are fairly harmless, but DON'T edit anything regarding super fetch, or the regedit, unless you know what it will do!

  5. you may want to add the note not to remove "microsoft visual 2012 (and the like) C++ redistributable" packages from the system configuration "apps" tab because they are essential for gaming.Removing them will make your games stop working 😉

  6. By the way, for the people who are looking for better performance but dont know what these settings do, the only ones I would recommend and I use are the advanced options (turning off windows animations) , disabling startup programs, turning off game DVR (windows settings), turning off feed back and diagnostics (windows settings,privacy, feed back and diagnostics). Get the drivers from your gpu manufacturers website, dont use the driver booster. and if thats still not enough, try having less programs open and just turn down the settings. ALSO turning on high performance in the windows power plan

  7. Hey Panjno how I can set the Virtual Memory at 0 like you because for me it says Total paging file size for all drives: 2944MB and then I click change I set on HDD C: 4096-4096 and then on HDD D: I set No paging file the windows installation is on C:

  8. People are so dumb, if you dont know what something does, research it, see if it will impact your pc negatively. It's not his fault you miss clicked or weren't aware what you were doing lol

  9. has anyone noticed stuttering in netflix or fps games like csgo after using this guide. i've fresh installed windows twice but its keeping one of these damn settings i changed. no my pc is not a potato, it was working perfectly before.

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