00. The Linux Command Line Ultimate Tutorial – MOTIVATION

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The Linux Command Line Ultimate Tutorial series aims to help you to master the power of the Linux Command Line.

You may be surprised but the command line is a very powerful tool and probably it will never be gone.

To give you some motivation, this introduction video will show you 10 examples of how useful the command line can be.

2:03 1. Copy specific files from many directories.
3:18 2. Convert many MOV videos to mp4.
4:06 3. Resize many images at once.
4:32 4. Rename many files.


  1. Hi Alu, it is showing;
    warning: library configuration mismatched and also at the end it is showing NO SUCH FILE OR DIRECTORY EXISTS.. when i tried to use ffmpeg tool..I did exactly what u did in video…Iam a newbie..plzz help me!

  2. Very Good explanation how commands can be used in daily life and one suggestion when you type commands in command line in the terminal just add a slide which shows the command it will be much useful as it is hard to see on dark background or simply change the text of the terminal to other color . Anyway i appreciate your work and it will be so much useful to all beginners and everyone. Thanks!

  3. the linux file manager should already have all these commands ready for use without having me keep hundreds of commands on a text file. remembering a short command is one thing but long commands require copy&paste cheating … turn audio on and run in terminal the below command
    x="if(t%2)else";python3 -c"[print(t>>15&(t>>(2$x 4))%(3+(t>>(8$x 11))%4)+(t>>10)|42&t>>7&t<<9,end='')for t in range(2**20)]"|aplay -c2 -r4

  4. Amazing stuff. I always prefer the short videos because it is easier to find stuff when I'm in need of some revision. Most Linux instruction videos suffer the problem of not allowing enough time for someone to pause the video to see the command, or allow the text to go to the bottom of the screen so the video controls obscure what is on the screen. This is going to be a great series. Thanks for your efforts. I hope you are not too discouraged by the inevitable criticism. Thanks!

  5. Hollywood made me LOL.

    Anyway, some additional Linux-fu for updating your Ubuntu system: make an alias to update+upgrade+autoremove with: "alias u='sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade -y && sudo apt autoremove -y' ", then you can simply type the letter "u" and walk away.

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