#008: Windows 8 Performance on an 8 Year Old Laptop (Thinkpad X41)

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I recently retired my good old IBM Thinkpad X41 tablet laptop and decided to experiment with Windows 8. The claim had been that the system requirements were even lower than Windows 7 and I wanted to see just how low that could actually be. In all fairness, I did purchase a 1.8″ SSD from eBay as the only upgrade on the machine (the original 4500 RPM hard drive had died). I was absolutely blown away by the speed of this machine with Windows 8 installed! I’m going to be installing Photoshop or…


  1. With windows 8 The system will create a Hibernate file that the system can restore the Basic Drivers and system drives and software on the Fly. This is known as Hybrid Sleep.

    When the system does the "shutdown" it create a hibernate file "hiberfil.sys" found in the Room of the C: Drive, it contains all of the Basic Drives, System Data, and Boot Data, Kernel Data, and the Last Logged on User Profile Data for the system to run and boot up faster.

    To do a test that is more evenly matched shutdown the system using Command Prompt ( shutdown /s /t 0 /f ) to tell the system to shutdown without doing a Fast Boot prep before shutting-down.

  2. I know it's a really old video, but do you remember how you got the GPU working on that. There is no WDDM drivers for the GMA900, and the old driver only work upto 7.

    That looks too smooth to be the Basic Display adapter.

  3. I have this laptop, except it has no hard drive, RAM upgraded to 1.5 GB (1534 to be exact), An Intel Pentium M (1.50 GHz), and the generic Phoenix BIOS from 2003 for some reason.

  4. Nah mine is 2.4 its just +4 inside the rating index but we have same starting of number

    my processor is slightly fast but

    AMD Sempron 140

    gpu the slowest…..

    Nvidia GeFore 3150se nForce xxx

    ram slightly fast but still use DDR2

    2GB Crucial Memory

    Hard Drive

    1.1TB Western Digital SSD @ 6GB per second
    2.500GB Western Digital HDD @ xGB per second

    NOTE:Made it myself for a Simple Workstation and I did made a High-End Gaming and Workstation PC…….

  5. Hay bro a win8 start from hibernation is not the same as the cold start for win7.
    Do the test again without win8 hibernating. Then it'll be a fair test. Everyone knows win8 is better its just that it was designed for touch screen tablets, that's why its so hard to navigate & very unpopular.

  6. I also have a x41 tablet running windows 7, it is extremely slow! I want to install windows 8 but the question is should I replace the old original drive w a SSD? is it worth it? will the windows 8 work relatively  fast on the old HD?

  7. Hi Fiber Ninja .. I'm from Pakistan .. and u know we are little older then you.. 😛 
    my system is T43p IBM laptop with 2.11 MHz 1gb ram 80 hard 128 VGA .. recently i installed Windows 8 on it .. I've got best performance rather than Xp or 7 .. 😀 ..

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