03. Get FILE INFORMATION from the Linux Command Line

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This episode shows how get detailed information about files and folders in with the command line as well as how to view the content of files in the terminal. You will learn these commands:

ls -l – extended list view and its options.

file – get detailed infor about a file.

less – view the content of a file.

head – view top lines of a file.

tail – view last lines of a file.

cat – print the content of a file to the terminal screen

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  1. In less you can also use N (next) and Shift+N (previous) to cycle through each instance of your search item, especially if you have a keyword in a document/file that is spaced out enough between a lot of text.

  2. Thanks so much, ALU! Although I have been using Linux for a couple of years now, I never knew you could that you could do so much to display the content and info of a file. Now I know.

    Дякую! 🙂

  3. Hello ALU ! For a newbie the info command rather than man or –help will be easier to navigate, to link to other pages and even to create menus !
    And some commands don't have a man page: mainly the internal commands.
    Those are explained in the man page of bash.
    Best regards,

  4. Hi ALU, very informative video yet again. I need to see content of a log file which keeps changing every few seconds, can you tell me how to use tail command to check the last say 50 lines of the changing log file continuously.

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