10 Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu 17.10

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You have already seen the new features of Ubuntu 17.10 in our previous video:

It’s time to see the must to do things after installing Ubuntu 17.10. If you are a beginner, you’ll learn a few things about getting started with Ubuntu.

If you are already an Ubuntu user, you’ll perhaps like to see the GNOME desktop and its settings,

In either case, I would like to hear from you. What do you do after installing Ubuntu?


  1. It seems like every linux video on youtube just rushes into telling you each thing, rather than telling you how to get to that screen. Theyre just like "open this" and boom theyre there. How about " how did you get there magic man?

  2. You don't need a Ubuntu One account to install snaps. Use terminal to search if your snap pack is available by typing "snap search <software name>", then install it by typing "sudo snap install <software name>".

  3. I have one problem with this version. When I try to change access point, the whole system will be freeze or I can say it doesn't work like normal. Also my access point won't change and when I try to shut it down it takes me more than 10 mins.
    Please help to solve this problem… a fan of ur channel.

  4. Hi! I'm new to Ubuntu and I'm stuck with that EULA grey menu when you install the codecs. You made it too quickly. I could see you selected the "ok" and then you got another menu asking if you accept the EULA license terms "yes" or "no". How did you do that?
    Another thing is step number two. I cannot select "Canonical partners".

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