100 Windows 8 Tips and Tricks 20 How To Lock And Unlock Windows 8

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Description: Windows 8 is the new Microsoft Operating System. Unlike the previous versions of Windows, Microsoft has taken a different and radical approach. The user interface has been completely redesigned from ground up. The idea is to merge the experience on mobile devices and desktop environment. We have app-focused and live tile based interactions. Completely new design, colorful tiles and full screen app. New Start screen and a desktop mode that has no start button we are all…


  1. ok, how can i set up the system TO >>>>NEVER<<<< LOCK?????

    forget the tip of "turn off screen after X time" coz its set on NEVER. and the same with that option that puts the pc in sleep mode. SEEMS to me that those things are not what im looking for.

    Im tired of typing my password, fucking ADMIN accounts. WINDOWS you suck so much now im a Mac

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