12 Tips to Speed Up Windows 10 Performance (EASY)

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These 12 tips I show you will speed up the Windows 10 performance on your computer. I will show the quick and easy ways on how to make Windows 10 faster. On Windows 10, some of these tips can be used to optimize gaming to speed up games on Windows 10. You will notice the difference when you use some of these computer tricks and tips on your laptop or desktop PC.

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  1. Dear TechGumbo,
    Thanks for this useful information but I had some problem of right click on desktop for refresh, it is still slow it takes more than 5 seconds to open. Please give some solution to solve this!!!

  2. You have no idea just how grateful I am, my Windows has been running at half the speed of my iMac with the same specs. When I was working tethered it took at least 30 seconds for each image to appear.

  3. thank you for this tutorial… others method which I find useful, for example:
    #1. change wallpaper to solid one color really speed up the computer response time.
    #2. disable system restore. Background backup process slows down the computer, so disable it
    #3.. increasing RAM and using solid state drive really speed up the computer a lot
    #4.. also, I use FolderChanger to organize my folders to help me find my documents and files easily and quickly. Google search "FolderChanger"

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