16TB RAID 1 Linux File Server (EP3: Server-Urinal-Smoking room project)

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www.itpro.tv – is a great site for upping your knowledge on technology. You can even get certifications! I’m not paid by them, in fact I pay them. If you listen to the TWIT network podcasts (which you should) you can enter TWIT30 (I think) and get 30% off for life!

Server cases was ÂŁ35 from www.servercase.co.uk

This is a great guide that I used, useful bit is in the first comment from ‘dtfinch’ –

I used PuTTY to SSH into the…


  1. The bit you tacked on in your config file states that the path is / or "root", which is where your system installs. You need to change the path to wherever the share folders are. For example if these were in your home folder it would be; "path = /home/username/Share".

    Edit: balls just saw the description at the end, oh well I'll leave it in case any one has the same issue.

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