17 – Unix | Linux Shell – Search Pattern | Text | String from fille – egrep Command

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Unix Shell Scripts –

Unix Shell Commands Beginner Tutorials

Search text | Search String | Search Pattern | grep command | Unix | Linux Shell Script Command – Hindi

ch+ Matches one or more occurrences of character ch
ch? Matches zero or one occurrence of character ch
exp1|exp2 Matches expression exp1 or exp2
(x1|x2)x3 Matches expression x1x3 or x2x3

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  1. This is incorrect…
    Remember when you take example of Head& Tail with Pipe Operator…
    Head-3 file 1 | Tail -2
    Then the final outcome that came, its logic was whatever output comes from first operation (left side of Pipe operator) on that second operation (right side of operator) will implement & that's how that output came, now how come you are getting output as it logic appears like OR operation of both sides output.

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