#2 windows 10,8,7:How to fix wi-fi connected but no internet access #computerrepair dell laptops

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Cheap Gaming Headphone: windows 10,8,7: How to fix wi-fi connected but no internet access (100% working)
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Previous video made in windows 7 and this time I use windows 10 but the process is Same…
There was no Sound and was with slow typing,
I create this video in Request by many Viewers
Don’t forget to Restart pc after the steps.
The Previous Video link:…


  1. Thank you so much I have an interview on Skype tomorrow and couldn't connect to the internet for days, I was panicking and searching everywhere for ways to solve the problem and then I came across your video. Recording the tutorial is definitely a bonus. 👍

  2. Hello sir am having the same problem. But this time , I get the Internet access when am near the Internet broadband , but when am far from it . I don't get it. Is that have something to do with my settings..???

  3. I upgraded 8.1 to 10 4days before. I found some many videos. But no one give permanent solution for this issue. It is all temporary. Got Fed up with this issue. Please help me

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