2010 Macbook Air Mac OS X vs. Windows 7 Boot Camp Comparison HD

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So far nowhere have I seen a good apples to apples comparison of the speed of the 2010 Macbook Air on Windows vs. Mac OS X. So I loaded up Boot Camp with a base install of Windows 7 Home Premium with normal updates. And compared it to the base install of OS X with normal updates. Both OS’s are fairly close in speed for similar operations with a couple of exceptions. Test system is a base $999 2010 Macbook Air 11.6″.

Times are:
Mac OS X Boot = 30.2 Seconds
Windows 7 Boot = 37.5…


  1. I'm looking at doing this, but would only be using Windows. Once you boot into Windows, next time you turn your MacBook on will it go straight to Windows (Unless you hold the Option key or change the OS in the Windows Boot Camp utility?)

  2. people really misunderstand about how mac works. boot camp is not some kind of emulator or something that runs on osx. Bootcamp is just a application on the osx that sets the windows partition and drivers for the parts on the mac hardware for windows. only difference on the mac hardware is the mac EFI, which is the equivalent of the BIOS or UEFI on the PC. I know it because I have hackintosh PC, macbook, iMac in my house and all of them runs osx and win7 as they should run.

  3. URGENT! so i recently set up windows 7 on my macbook pro 2011 using boot camp and when i am using windows and close my macbook it does not go to sleep, because when i open it, my macbook turned off.is there any settings to set it to sleep and wake like yours?

  4. When installing Windows using boot camp you divide the hard drive just as you would on a "PC". It would actually be slower on a "PC generally depending on the hardware and software you use. If your motherboard is used to run more than one operating system, that may effect speed as well. Windows also starts slower due to its sheer size estimated in the tens of millions of lines of code. It's not really fair to compare the two because it's like a semi truck vs. a car. Not taking sides though.

  5. It's hard to compile .net applications that you build on OSX…. Most people will be fine with just OSX but people who work in the industry need to be able to have different platforms to work from…..and if you play games such as Iracing, it's not supported under OSX.

  6. It takes longer to boot up and everything else for windows because its running windows over osx. Unlike with a real PC where you can actually divide a hdd or have two it more and have different os installed to it/them and run smoother than your Mac

  7. just to note I can restart my 11" Air in just over 15 seconds, mac desktop back to a fully loaded mac desktop. Is there anyway to install via usb flash drive? I keep getting a 10gb min requirement error despite having far more available.

  8. Windows has won this match, all of this apple lovers should buy now bananas and realize that Apple is just for your arrogance and your ego. Peace out. Windows > all except Unix and Linux …

  9. @pkerry12 Apparently there is some sort of SSD caching going on. When I made this video it was maybe the 3 or 4th boot up. Apparently after several boots (not sure how many) Mac OS X boot times drop dramatically into the 15 second range. I did a second cold boot video which shows this.

  10. @shammabeth can't really say I've used it on Windows much to give you accurate battery life. But on the estimated number it appears about the same as the Apple estimation.

    No issues at all with hardware/buttons etc. The supplied Boot Camp Driver CD took care of all of that.

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