2013 UPDATE-Windows XP Drivers Download 32bit & 64bit

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It’s March 2013- I No Longer Maintain nor Visit this old account- 855h0le
My New YT Account has moved to:
Most of the files from these 150 videos may be found at:
For Quake Game Related: /
For Windows XP and related: -Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.


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  2. yeah thats very helpful too, but the most problem that i have for the moment is the SATA [TYPE OF HARDISC ] DRIVERS that are not integrated on the winxp cd. i tryed nlite but it seems not to function. do you know wheres the place to integrate a sata driver. is it thei368 or system32 or which folder for example to integrate manually on the cd a sata driver or your offered drivers [to recreate a selfmodified winxp cd]

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