[2014] Windows 8.1 vs Windows 8 vs Windows 7 [Benchmarks] [4K]

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Although Windows 7 scored a little better in most test,
Windows 8 and 8.1 had smoother interface, loaded
programs faster and booted faster. They also used less
RAM and HDD space.

In games the three perform almost the same with the later two maintaining a more stable fps without noticeable drops.
All the tests were ran on the same machine with the
latest updates and the same video driver – AMD Catalyst 14.4

CPU: Intel Xeon 1231v3 @3.6GHz


  1. Urk. All those comments about windows 8 vs windows 7 makes me wanna puke on some people…

    Get rekt son XPPPPPPPPPPP

  2. windows 8 is faster than 7 so shut up noobs windows 8 is better you stupid kids windows 7 is slow as f*** and I have a windows 7 and its slow

  3. I just want Windows 10 to come out.  I've tried the Techincal Preview in a virtual system and it seems VERY promising!!  Plus, Microsoft has always had a thing for getting a good OS every other time.  Win98 was awesome, ME was absolutely horrid, XP was amazing, Vista sucked, 7 is still amazing, 8/8.1 blows.

  4. I'm building a real beast and I just want insane performance and a good system so I'm going to use 8.1 but I got a laptop right now but it's on windows 7 and I'm realy annoyed that it is keep telling me pretty often "this program have stopped working". Is it less of those problems in windows 8.1?

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