[2015] Windows 10 vs Windows 8.1 vs Windows 7 [Benchmarks] [4K]

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The benchmarks were performed in 1080p and recorded using a camera.

All operating systems were tested on the same computer
and on the same drive with all the latest drivers installed.
Windows 10 Build 10240 was used.

Although Windows 7 had some compatability issues with
newer hardware it performed better than Windows 8.1
and Windows 10 in most benchmark tests.
It should be noted however that certain games such as GTA V
and Battlefield 4 (which were…


  1. Its to bad thay are discontinuing windows 8.1 updates on 2023 i personally use 8.1 over 10 be cause it runs more solid and its a pc not a ac btw a ac is a adware computer whare a pc is a personal computer

  2. losers
    windows 7 for the boot time
    windows 10 for 3dmarkextreme
    windows 8.1 for 3dmark ice storm
    windows 8.1 for 3dmark ice storm extreme
    windows 10 for 3dmark cloud gate
    windows 8.1 for 3dmark sky diver
    windows 7 for 3dmark fire strike
    windows 7 for 3dmark fire strike extreme
    windows 8.1 for cinebench r15 cpu
    windows 10 for cinebench r15 gpu
    windows 10 for ungine heaven
    windows 7 for unigine valley
    windows 10 for nova bench
    windows 7 for geekbench
    windows 7 for furmark
    windows 7 for peacekeeper
    windows 10 for metro redux
    windows 7 for metro last light redux
    windows 10 for crysis

    windows 7:8
    windows 8.1:4
    windows 10 :7

    TOP 1 goes to WINDOWS 8.1
    TOP 2 goes to WINDOWS 10
    TOP 3 goes to WINDOWS 7

    so basically windows 7 is the ultimate loser xd no offence

  3. Well this video proofs that windows 10 is the best. And all this kids who's old systems cannot handle win 10 cryies about complaining about win 7 is the best. Kids future is future need to move in

  4. for any 1 who is saying which is the best win is good for having DX 8 and win 8 and 8.1 are good but the best performance I got all of these 3 is win10 so I prefer win 10 for heavy gaming

  5. Windows 7 best, Windows 8, 8.1, 10 SUCKS, when i open in windows 10 my task manager my cpu burden 50%, and by Windows 7 5%, you have more gaming performance with windows 7 😀
    I think sometime it gives Windows 10 Edition for gamers, hope <3
    Windows 7 Best OS.

  6. I have been running Windows 8,1 for a year and also tested Windows 10. But now I am back on Windows 7 and now all processes running take much less CPU than it did in Windows 10 and 8,1. I had also problems in W10 and 8 very often with difrent processes using 100% CPU of one core all the time, specially windows update used to do this. Same problems on 4 different computers. Never had problems in W7 with processes going crazy all the time using 100% of one CPU core. Overall it seems like Windows 7 is a much better operating system using much less of your resources. This is very noticeable specially on a laptop as you get much less fan noise and better battery life.

    The 4 computers I have been using are: 2014 Macbook pro (i7 3,3Ghz), 11 year old Xeon3060 (identical to Core 2 duo) at 3,3Ghz , Intel i7 4790k and a Intel Xeon 1231 (identical to i7 but without GPU built in) at 3,4Ghz. The C2D had 4GB of ram rest had 16GB.

    Windows 10 and 8,1 might sometimes be faster but they use to much resources and have problems with 100% CPU usage of one core. This makes them them horrible on a laptop or small machines…

  7. I tried EVERY Windows desktop OS-es, and Win 8.1 x64 is extreme FAST. Just brutal … after some tweaks it consumes 542MB of RAM. It's much faster then Ubuntu & Mac OS (my personal experiences). It's final & finished product, not like Win 10 Telemetry edition!

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