22 Essential Linux Commands (su, PATH, PIPING, cat, ps, bg, jobs..)

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This is a quick start guide to linux OS where we will understand the file structure and essential commands(Account / File system related including commands to run a program) that every linux user must know.

The following commands are covered in this video :

1) su
2) whoami
3) passwd
4) id
5) cd
6) pwd
7) locate
8) ls with -l and -a
9) mount
10) mkdir
11) rm
12) cp
13 gedit
14) cat
15) less
16) | (piping)
17) $PATH
18) ./
19) ps
20) bg
21) jobs
22) fg


  1. Just a quick note for everyone: USR is not actually "user" and does not contain users like the windows directory does. It stands for Universal System Resources, containing various stuff for all user programs, but the actual "user" directory is "home" for non-administrative users where as the root users or super-admins are located under "root".

  2. Hey, my friend. Thank you so much for so many acccurate informations and help you provide worldwide. Can i ask you a favor ? I actually HATE to be scared by the ultra-loud sound of a music intro when the speaking guy actually is whispering alike when talking… Could you go closer to the microphone or maybe lower the intro music level to get accordingly to the sound of your voice ?
    Thank you so much, and don't worry, this wasn't a critic.. but still… do it… "please" ..

  3. Hey Vineet, this is good video to starters with Linux. its quite useful as easy language and good visual practicals.can you also share link for the next step video after these commands set?

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