#23 Windows 10 :How to fix windows can’t open files and Programs #computerrepair

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Cheap Gaming Headphone: Windows 10,8 :How to fix windows can’t open files and Programs


In this video, i have shown how to fix problems that windows explorer is unable to run any application or media file. By the help of easy tweak we can able to fix this problem so Watch this video and follow the steps

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  1. I can't open my files and my WiFi menu doesn't even open. I have to do control at delete to see the WiFi menu and when I try to connect, it doesn't even work. It just does nothing. I can open specific things I kept on my task bar, like steam, Skype, discord, and chrome, which are useless without wifi. I had Microsoft Word there too, but it didn't work. It just says class not registered and the icon isnte even there..Cortana doesn't work either PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  2. I want to install a game that I bought (Far Cry 3) but when I press install says that Windows cannot find the file and it's name. What can I do ? Please someone help me ! Should I turn it back to Windows 7 ?

  3. Hello I want to start a YouTube channel (well I've created one) I can't seem to open my file it says 'In valid value for registry' Im not sure what that means

  4. computer I'm on already had those things set properly. I'm trying to open and edit a .conf file and when I try windows 10 tells me to find an app to open it with and with my experience in previous windows ive always been able to get in to the files with just what the computer has.

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