3 Ubuntu Tips You Didn’t Know About // Linux Tips & Tricks

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Linux is great, but there are always neat little things that you still haven’t learned yet. Here are 3 that I’ve recently discovered.

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Show hidden files: CTRL+H
Edit directory location – edit “user-dirs.dirs” in the “.config” folder.
App links: “apt:packagename”
Quick rename files: F2

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  1. I am a windows guy but as the Linux is progressing in a fantastic way I am slowly learning and moving toward linux. Your tips are great and I am still trying to implement those in my system. Could you make more videos elaborating on how to do on linux in more details.. And It is true that your voice is awesome !!

  2. That's great except, I can't stand to have anything on my desktop, at all, most of my friends think Linux is an air conditioner company so it is unlikely that I would be helping them with anything, and I'm an adult so I have no need to hide folders but good job anyway and keep it up.

  3. I started using ubuntu and your videos are helping me.
    Thanks a lot!
    Could you maybe make a Tutorial on Touchegg? Dont get it to work on Ubuntu LTS 16.04 🙁

    keep up the good work!

  4. Im new in Ubuntu, coming from Windows 10 it's kinda crazy to find out that I can not use my computer HDD partitions like windows. Specially in the "Computer" tab I can not store anything there, can you do a detail video for us about Linux (Ubuntu) File explorer? Like how it works, and how can I get most out of it.
    Thank you very much.

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