30 Days of Linux Challenge: Top Software Picks & Alternatives Part I

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In this video I show you the software alternatives and favorites that I’m using during my 30 Days of Linux Challenge. From video editing, media playback, screen recording, password management, we have it all covered. Find the perfect free or opensource software alternative for your computing needs.

I will be doing a part II for other software I end up installing or utilizing during this trial.

Install Firewall GUFW
sudo apt-get install gufw
*remember to allow connections if you want to…


  1. You can turn off these „System program problem detected“ notifications. This happens actually in every system, but if you are allowed to report them, they will pop up and bother you very often.
    Also, there is a office suite called FreeOffice 2016. You should try it also. It's not open source, it's some company's product, but it's free like its name suggests.

  2. For viewers: You don't have to type in terminal to install or remove things you can do the same for most stuff through the software center.

    For DasGeek: You should put the 30 days of linux into it's own playlist.

  3. Hey! Thanks for your effort. There are two windows based programs – dude and winbox. As far as i was looking , only way to get them running on linux is trough wine. I am not looking for alternatives, just curious if these two are avalable on linux platform.

  4. subbed!
    Once you got your feet wet you should check in arch. Read the wiki and maby give it a go?
    once it installed and set up it works really great and you get to know your computer really well to in the process.

  5. If you got issues with Office on Linux I would suggest you look up WPS Office, not sure if it's in the Ubuntu normal repositories or if you need to add a ppt for that one.
    But might be more to your liking, I'm a developer and my company has a lot of Excel files floating around and I can tell you they are my hell so don't share your enthusiasm for Excel macros:)

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