3x Laptop Race: Windows ME vs. Windows XP vs. Windows 7

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The laptop on the left is a Sony Vaio PCG-FX240
The laptop on the middle is a Dell Inspiron 8600
The laptop on the right is an Asus Notebook UL50A


Windows ME Laptop
Sony Vaio PCG-FX240
Windows ME (Millennium Edition)
Intel Pentium III
126.0 MB of RAM
(This laptop also includes Office 2000, Internet Explorer 6, and Windows Media Player 7)

Windows XP Laptop
Dell Inspiron 8600
Windows XP Professional SP3
Intel Pentium M 1500 MHz.
1.50 GB of RAM
1.50 GHz.
(This laptop also…


  1. why is that laptop running windows ME.. put windows 2000 on it

    i hate how whenever you "suddenly" turn off a computer with windows ME, it immediately scans the disk when you start it to check for errors

  2. horrbile test and by the way they all have diffrent hardware witch means if you got intel core i5 on one computer and other one has intel core i3 the result will be that intel core i5 is the winner this is not a compare you cant compare them with diffrent hardware compare it on one computer with dual boot or triple boot then check out the results

  3. windows xp have win if that computer dont have password but that it's ranking 1st windows xp and windows 2000 2nd windows 7 but thats it's unfair bacause the password but for me windows xp wins

  4. This test is horrible because the laptops are all different and you started them up at different times. In a scientific experiment there should only be one variable that changes at the end of the test. One thing you could have done is get some old computers / laptops that are the same models and test those out. Also i want to mention Linux is better than all of these if you know how to use it.

  5. I have used, and still am using laptops with many different operating systems.  I am currently typing on a desktop w/ Linux Kubuntu. 
    I have tried several operating systems on my Inspiron 8000, 900 Mhz, 256 MB RAM, built for Windows ME, and nothing works as well on that laptop as Windows ME.  Windows ME is very fast!  
    I have installed KernelEx, Flash Player 11, Firefox up to 9, Opera up to 12, SeaMonkey 2.0, and they all run very well. 

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