4 Tricks That Make Windows 10 Awesome on a Surface

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Windows 10 is finally here! These awesome tricks make using Windows 10 a lot easier on a Surface 3 or Surface Pro 3.


  1. Hi, i have a question. I use windows 10
    Is it possible to get a circle around the mouse every time i click… If we could please make a video for it.. My friend he looks on youtube and take a virus trying to do that lol… Thank you.

  2. I love my pros but they where replaced under warranty with devices that do not have the functionality I relay on . that functionality that was the driving force in my purchase . when I asked for help I got a run around for months, wasted huge amounts of my time. waiting for me to give up and go away. but since I only use 2 functions on my surface I was going no where. usa and European customers have access to dispute and arbitration processes but I am an Australian so there is no processes . James

  3. hi there! when I installed windows 10 on my surface pro3, when I used my docking staion to link my sp3 to my tv to watch some videos it started to have some issues, first it didnt have sound and the image looked like slow motion…i dont know if that is just my case or it is the same for everyone? when I revert back to win 8.1 it works just fine

  4. Informative, but the audio levels in this video are all over the place. Levels should be constant through out. When the vo stops and you bring up the background music, the vo and music level sound be perceived as equal in loudness by the viewer. They are not, the music is too loud. The speech in your end ptc is too low and does not match the level of the vo before it.

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