5 minutes of Windows 10

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Windows 10 is not finished but it looks like it’s coming along with some nice improvements. It would be really nice to see it totally polished before it’s released.
A few visible features:
– Removed the useless Charms bar
– Added Metro Apps to Desktop
– Added Start Menu (With Metro Shortcuts on the side)
– Added Virtual Desktops
– Added Command Line Additional Features
– Added Cortana Search
– Removed Window Borders


  1. It amazes me sometimes how dumb Microsoft is.

    They should know their users are very resilient and dislike change. It's like Microsoft employees thought to themselves "Well, we gotta put something into the OS, and it has to be different than last time so people know how good of a job we did on it." Bottom line – Microsoft employees are just glad to be working.

    Also a common sense red light should have gone off in their head and said "Hey, Billions of people are used to the panel on bottom and it's the signature look of Windows Operating Systems – maybe we should keep that and not disturb our users workflow for no particular good reason." What is 2015 the year that that average IQ of employees dropped 50 points in the United States.

  2. I would not vote the down (the video itself) just because I have tried two of the ISOs and have been FAR from impressed.  (The First ISO and than the Jan ISO … forgot the exact numbers) … I think some people are voting the video down because of personal opinions (maybe they love the T. Preview) ON what your reviewing …. thats my guess …

    I have been mostly using various (not that I cant find one I like .. I just like to try out different ones) distros of Linux and even just last night I tried Kubuntu 15.04 beta (it too like Windows 10 is not done yet) and it REALLY DOES impress me.  (And while KDE is not my favorite it has really grown on me).

    For me to make "Windows 10 usable" i'd have to "turn it into Windows 7"… which is what I already have..I add the Windows "Transformation theme pack" to windows 7 … add "Dexpot" (spelling?) for Workspaces and Aquasnap for snapping/Tilling and I am good with Windows 7 …. EVEN Windows 7 I use when I have no choice …

     Linux because I WANT TO … Windows when I have to 

  3. hey Jesse as an obvious experienced developer is there any reason you're staying away from a *nix OS? I moved over to Linux roughly 3 years ago and never looked back as far as development goes, whats keeping you with Windows? This isn't a hate post on Windows I still use it on my gaming rig and Windows 7 is one of the best OS I have ever used just for me Windows doesn't make sense for development, specially web development when the majority of your apps will be deployed in a Linux environment anyway

  4. when you installed this, did it require a Microsoft email like windows 8.1 did (i bypassed it, but it also broke 90% of apps which doesnt bug me)

  5. Windows 10 finally have features some power-users wanted for years that's been in osx/linux for many years now such as virtual desktop and window management/"exposé". But it still seems that windows 10 is like a alpha version compare to the others, not fully rich with features yet, but hopefully it will come.

  6. It is definitely an improvement over Windows 8/8.1. Win10 is moving in a good direction (I assume de UI will be re-done from scratch still, with less of the wireframe look win8 has).

  7. "At least its free" – Jream 2015 😀 anyways, I'm liking the improvements (oh and put your taskbar on the bottom then click start, and type. It should work

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