5 More Linux Terminal Commands for Beginners

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The Linux command line can be quite scary. What do commands like grep, nano, wc, ps and fg mean? When you see that blinking cursor, what should you type? Here are 5 more important Linux terminal commands.

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5 More Linux Terminal Commands for Beginners
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Linux terminal commands



  1. Nice one. I like the tab auto-complete annotation thing.

    I'd have pointed out that the match with grep is usually better quoted, to avoid issues with shell interpretation, although doesn't necessarily always need to be, as you demonstrated here.

    I think it would've been good to cover, at least lightly, what each option does; how about display the –help or manual for it, as a quickie? I really feel that would help people; certainly would have helped me.

    Come to think of it, have you gone over the basics of entering commands and manipulating them with arguments, expressions, flags, etc? Someone new, will see this and the other video, having potentially no idea that aux is not one, but 3 options, presented as one argument; one field. I dunno, guess this is why when I talk about this stuff, videos wind up being quite long; there's a lot to cover. lol

  2. Please do a video on how to properly disable nouveau and install Nvidia drivers on Linux (preferably CentOS but Debian and Ubuntu will do). It is the bane of anyone tasked with setting up Linux machine. I have managed to do it from a repo but the machine hangs during reboot after that. I have found an online guide for disabling it upon installation but I would like a method that works as I will have to do it soon when our new machines arrive. If you can do a good video of that topic your subscriptions will soar.

  3. Eagerly waiting for the tutorial on VIM. Have heard people say it is the best editor, never really liked it though…as always love the videos..keep them coming 'professor'!😝

  4. Really nice. I never knew about the switching back and forth to a process. This is great learning material so I certainly vote for more Linux commands. Indeed anything Linux related.

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