5 Must have Linux apps for 2018

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🖊️ Marker:
🎙️ Hammond:
🖥️ HydraPaper:
🔐 KeePassXC:
💬 Matrix:
💬 Riot:
💬 Fractal:

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  1. It's sad that ppl feel the need to fork projects instead of working in collaboration with existing projects. Splitting development resources is a loss for the end users certainly and everyone overall. See Figaro Password Manager and gnunet.

  2. Great video! Question on some of your gnome extensions:
    1. What extension are you using to track your CPU speed in the top right?
    2. What extension are you using to track your upload/download speeds in the top right?

  3. Can you please make a tutorial on how to install nvidia-xrun in arch linux… I want to install Linux but I can't make my bumblebee work, even after following arch wiki… Please help me

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