5 reasons for a Windows XP retro gaming PC

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Playing older games on modern operating systems is not as smooth sailing as the industry wants you to believe. In this video we are looking at some of the issues, build a Windows XP retro gaming PC and showcase a few games with benchmarks!

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  1. I went with my Audigy 2 Value. It supports EAX Hardware Mixing in Far Cry. Also in Windows 10 there are no reflections from mountains or trees in Windows 10. I tried both XP and Windows 10. I have yet to try my receiver. I can decode externally with that card. I only test in 2 channel mode. I know that back in the day it blew my mind. I will see if it can decode EAX with the SPDIF.

  2. I built a XP machine with a Asrock G41-GS R2.0 motherboard, G. Skill F3-10600CL9S-4GBNT, E8500 CPU running at 3.16 stock, 750 Ti. It runs as described in video. I do have a question. What sound card of the 2 that have should I use. I have a Audigy 2 Value and I have a X-Fi. Both of the card are PCI. The XFi is Model number SB0790, and the Audigy 2 Value is SB0400.

  3. Rules: No parts made after 2004, must be powerful enough.

    No, here is a much "better" build:

    Intel Pentium 4 (w/ HT)

    ATI Radeon 9800 Pro (or to make it "better", a GeForce4 MX 440 SE)

    512MB RAM

    160GB HDD

    FSP Group 250W PSU

    Case: Cardboard box modified with screws, scissors and duct tape.

    And because Steam didn't have many games and not many people used the Internet, BOOM, a DVD Drive (DVD was made in 1995), Blu Ray existed (2002) but it was really expensive and it was mainly in Japan, even in 2006, the £499 PS3 was the cheapest Blu Ray player, so Blu ray on PC in 2004? Forget about it.

    Now to play Demanding games, Far Cry, Quake III Arena, GTA : San Andreas, Half Life 2, Gmod (came out at the end of 2004) and the most demanding, Quake IV and Doom 3

  4. Fallout 3 is a good reason, it won't run reliably on any other Windows OS.
    How do you activate Windows XP now? I can't get mine to activate and have to reinstall after trial period.
    I've got an Asus Rampage Formula on socket 775 with a Q8200 quad for my retro rig, still plays a good game.

  5. Hey that's the exact motherboard I'm using for my XP machine! It was actually a Vista PC with a locked BIOS, but I flashed the retail version so I could overclock it and "upgraded" to XP lol. It's running an HD 3450 in hybrid crossfire with the integrated HD 3200 (yes it's pretty bad, but everything is still playable) and I'm planning on getting an old X1950 XT as an upgrade. Windows XP was the first OS I gamed on, so everything is so nostalgic for me haha.

  6. I have a clawhammer cpu but the damn board I have is AGP which those cards cost too much these days. The cards I had i sold about 4 years ago thinking I'll never need these again. Well I found a 36 inch trinitron for 20 dollars last year for my genesis and decided to hook up that pc via s-video but could not find a fast enough agp card for the right price. I found a Radeon 9800 pro at the thrift store for 1 dollar but it could not run Quake 4 or Toca race driver 3 which were games I really enjoyed and win 10 does not play nice with. After days of looking on classifieds for a reasonably priced 7950 gt or close to it with s-video out. I came across a beast system for 100 dollars an full tower Antec case, ASUS P5N-D, Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 2.83 GHz, Zalman Cooler, 4GB G.Skill DDR2 400MHz, and SLI 512MB GeForce 9800 GTX+. yes it does run Crysis. I use it for cough cough Emul.. oh never mind all the oldies. I love this machine I just need a proper CRT monitor now (which I also got rid of) for Diablo and Baldur's Gate it is rough trying to play 640×480 blown up to 36 inches. Considering I was looking for a niche almost 10 year old card that was going to cost as much as a new 1060 and came across this computer I feel like it was a good deal. I love it and it does everything I want it to do I am going to add that icey dock you just looked at so I can dual boot and add win 7 without frustration for some better steam support.

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