5 Settings For Mining Cryptocurrency On Windows 10

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How to configure Windows 10 for your Mining Rig to get the best hashrate in ethereum and more.

MSI Pro Series Z270a:
Intel Pentium G4400:
Crucial Value Ram:
Corsair HX1200i:

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  1. This is not for everyone, so when someone have basic PC with 4GB memory that's fine to tune Windows but if someone have 16GB memory and up that doesn't make sense you can comfortable mining with even 8GB of RAM the main performance coming from CPU cores if you choose CPU mining or for better faster Mining get at least 2 GPU video cards

  2. Boobie miner here. I appreciate your vids man. I am curious though. What is the main objective for these changes? The how to was very informative, but I was left wondering what all this was for. And would you suggest this for a gaming/mining rig?

  3. What up son!! Yo been viewing ALL your vids and doing the live stream. Good one today by the way. But the vape was annoying LOL. Quick question. I just put my rig together and (newbie) had no idea i had to load drivers. Yup im a FNG. I just loaded the LAN drivers. Should i DL and load any others?? TY so much for your help.

  4. You did not set 16GB pagefile.. 16GB pagefile equals to 16384MB! 16MB RAM (remember the old days back there?) used to equal to 16384kB , 32=32768kB, 64=65536kB etc etc.. That's why our 1TB disc shows 931GB in windows.. Yeah, that's how this thing works..

  5. Guys, would it be possible to connect 2 Nvidia Geforce gtx 1070 's to Asrock h55m-le motherboard. Also, I have Intel core i3 530 CPU and 4GB RAM. I'm going to make a starter ethereum mining rig. Sorry for the newbie question but I have to start learning from somewhere.

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