60 useful Linux commands in 15 minutes

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The challenge here is to present you 4 command-line tips per minute, one new command or tip per 15 seconds during 15 minutes. This will be very fast-paced and a difficult exercise. Please come support the speaker during this harassing sprint! Have your lunch while entertaining and possibly learning stuff!

Pierre-Antoine Grégoire
Pierre-Antoine Grégoire is a Software Craftman trained to the arcanes of web and java development since 2000. He has then taken a few steps back thanks…


  1. Absoltuely useless. I'm new to Linux, came here hoping to learn something. Three minutes in I've learnt nothing as you're going so fast and explaining nothing. Gone elsewhere instead.

  2. 4:30 I actually find the "human readable" option … less readable, because of the fact the numbers displayed are all sort of the same, and only the letters differ. Since the letter alongside is only one character, the difference doesn't really strike me as fast as it would by displaying 3 more digits for every 1000 nominal value increase.

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