7 Monitors on Windows 7 with USB 3.0

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See 7 monitors in action, using:

* The Plugable USB 3.0 7 port hub
* 3 Plugable USB 3.0 HDMI adapters
* 4 Plugable USB 3.0 VGA adpaters

And with a cameo appearance on the bus by the Plugable USB 2.0 Gigabit Ethernet adapter

Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!


  1. very neat, was wondering if a hub would allow this and the video was worth 1000 words. Will pick up a 7 port from you guys today (6 years after the video was put up). I guess this device was ahead of its time. 🙂

  2. Hi I can't understand 7 adapters connection from the port USB hub when there is only 6 monitors( except the laptop) that has a USB connection itself from the laptop to the HUB. Also we just connect 7 plugable usb 3.0 VGA Adapters or must some be HDMI adapters?

  3. Hi all, congrats first.
    sorry for the dumb question but I would like to ask the following: the 7 USB 3.0 hub needs to have an external power adapter (25W in this case) OR can be used a simple 3.0 multiplier without an external power supply? thanks a lot.

  4. Hi .What's exactly brans and series of the vertical monitors ? Doesn't look like is the one what is the link for it . Also you'r talking about 4 amps USB splitter but the link below is for 2 amps. Will this be also ok ? Thanks

  5. I need something like this with 3 input USB from different computers/laptops and the button to walk through all of them. I will be happy if it will be working with 2 monitors. No need 7.

  6. Am I better off attempting multi-monitors off of my video card, or off the USB? Since it appears that using the USB would mean it's pulling the video from the MB, would I be better using the capabilities of the card?

  7. Good Day im having a laptop and 4 USB´s and 1 HDMI Output. Having 2 Extra screens. What do i need for the second screen?
    Could you post me something good/affordable from amazon?

  8. What is driving the displays?  Is this device providing it's own display adaptor or is the main display of the computer some how driving all these displays?For an application like video editing, which is CPU intensive, how will this compare to individual display adaptors?  CPU usage could be a concern.  Is there enough bandwidth for 4K video playback  also using a USB 3.0 external drive?  Any dropped frames would not be acceptable.

  9. Hi. I am from Canada. I wish to connect my desktop computer (INTEL i7) to 8 monitors. Can you please send me the link for the product that will ship to CANADA. Thanks

  10. I have two laptops, each with a single HDMI port. One does not have USB 3.0, the other does. My goal is to simultaneously connect both laptops to a dual monitor display via a KVM switch. I want to plug my keyboard & mouse into the KVM switch so that when I alternate which computer the monitors are displaying, my keyboard & mouse will function seamlessly. I want the option of running this display with either laptop opened or closed. Why you ask? So I can bring my own laptop to work and discretely connect to the internet via my hotspot and avoid being watched by my employer. Is it possible?

  11. I have tried this and I hope someone can respond to this comment:

    when I plug in all the usb cables and its ready to go, the monitors connected to my 4-port usb adapter don't work properly, they go entire black sometimes, it does not last for long, its not even a second, but it happens a lot, and its kind of annoying. any ideas on how to fix this?

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