7 Reasons You SHOULD Upgrade to Windows 10!

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Are you still running an old version of Windows? WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!?

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Windows 10 has been around for a couple years now, but a lot of people are still holding out with Windows 8, Windows 7, and even Windows XP, which isn’t even getting security patches anymore. If you are still using an older version of Windows, this…


  1. Windows 7 runs a little better then 10 that's why i'm gonna downgrade to it and i can still play all my games so what's the point on playing on a newer operating system?

  2. Hi ThioJoe. Can you tell me how to undo the changes you promoted in your virus/malware video about increasing CPU speed. I also followed your advice about changing some start-up services. I now have a red cross next to my internet desktop icon on my brand new games computer and there may be other deleterious changes to my computer.
    I am looking at legal options if you do not do this.

  3. I currently run Windows 7 on Virtual Box. Windows 10 is ALRIGHT, but it's NOT all of that. The 25 percent faster boot time IS impressive though.  Most of my PC clients prefer Win 7 or 8.1. Microsoft's App Store is OKAY, but since I currently run nothing but emulators on my PC, I have NO NEED for Win 10 at all. Plus I've already got so many versions of Linux that I can switch when the support for Win 7 ENDS. I don't do online gaming anyways; it's not THAT important to me, period.

  4. The problem I have is that feature updates (Anniversary, Creators, Fall Creators, etc.) are supported for only 2 years, and newer feature updates may have unwated features, but you can only hold out for some time.

  5. I had to downgrade to windows 7 because after a Windows 10 update a few months ago, my network card’s driver no longer functioned properly meaning I no longer had internet access. I found no fixes for this anywhere…

  6. Can you help me? i had to reset my computer, and i play a game (puzzle pirates) and now it won't load. it said i need java, but after i loaded it, it still says it won't load. I'm not computer savy, and i love and have learned so much from your videos.. do you think you can help me?

  7. i won't use windows 10 anymore, i am sick of having problems with my games and some stupid glitches since 1709, when Windows 8.1 reaches EOL i will be using Linux full time.

  8. You keep saying "features features"… Most people don't care or will ever even know about these… They just want a PC that works and does what they want.

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