7Zip vs Winrar for Windows 10 | Features / Best ZIP Tool

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  1. How does PeaZip compare? 🙂 It's also available on Ninite, and it's free and open-source. It seems to have a very nice interface, as well. Call me shallow, but I don't think I'd ever want to leave 7-Zip's context menu….

  2. Um, shouldn't you talk about how much the file size is reduced in x amount of time?
    A graph with compression rate on one axis and time spend on that compression on the other with different formats and different programs using different colors that would be a interesting comparison…
    Especially when using several different CPUs.
    So one with just a few cores, one with more, one AMD and one Intel.
    Ryzen is doing great in compression and de-compression for instance.

  3. you forgot winrar being integrated in windows contextual menu. Basically for most commands you do not need to open winrar. You just select the items you want the action to apply to, right click, select action and then play through menus. Is this video an adevert for 7zip?

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