8 Essential Free Downloads for Windows XP, Vista or 7

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This video will go over some of the most popular and essential free downloads that are compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7 operating systems. Many people do not realize that most of the task oriented software that is needed for Windows are available completely free for home use. These companies offer their software as a download for free to home users so users can get used to it and recommend it to their employers. It is great…


  1. What can we load up that will get rid of all the Windows 10 forced downloads they are using to crash our systems? And BTW, do you think going back to XP will just get Microsoft out of our hair, and we can have some peaceful computer days back again?

  2. Correct me if I'm wrong. I downloaded two of the 'FREE' downloads you most advised. I think most 'downloads' are free except, like the ones you suggest, in order to have them clean up more than a very few errors you must, still, purchase the package. Sure it will scan your pc for free and tell you how many terrible problems you have but then you MUST purchase to 'FIX' the problems. Am I wrong? Are you NOT being straight up? Is this where you get your cut? Again, please correct me if I am missing something. I live on a tiny island with a small, fixed income and I can't afford to be played with.

  3. Thanks for your video. Hum,.. I think we don't need PDFCreator if we have Microsoft Office 2010. I usually save doc file as pdf by pressing F12 and choose "Save as type" PDF.

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