A few tips to make Ubuntu 9.04 look better

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A few tips to make Ubuntu 9.04 look better

I am current going to show you how you could make your Ubuntu 9.04 version look better.

-First of all choose a wallpaper that you like.
-Choose the theme you like most and customize the theme.
-Make a new panel look like a dock and choose some applications.
-Make the panel transparent if you want and choose a colour.
-Download google gadgets to add gadgets or the sidebar

Note : All of these effects could be easily enabled on Ubuntu with…


  1. @Krazykillasgammert Well, the problem is not actually the graphics card, but rather ATI's lack of Linux support. When they finally decided to make decent drivers, they dumped support for my model.

    All in all, I am actually glad that my graphics card does not work (well). Now I do not have the ability to waste my time away on games that really aren't that great anyway.

  2. @cbh2000 my laptop was like 450$ and if you look at my vids im doing some pretty cool stuff on a cheap ass laptop my desktop from 2000 can do most of the same things but is a bit sluggish you should be able to get a cool looking desktop on a shitty computer

  3. go to gnome-look(s) not sure which if its looks or look gnome-looks(dot)org and look for the theme for windows vista. and about your mic hmm check that it aint broken lolz or go to volume manager and see if mic is checked.

  4. FIRST OF ALL – You should have compiz effects enabled and make sure you downloaded the compiz-settings manager. Then enable and use effects which are similiar to vista.

    Find a transparent and windows like theme.

    Find desktop icons like vista.

    Download Screenlets for gadgets if you want

    I dont think i would like to make ubuntu look like vista and never tried but you should search on the internet and you will find surely.

    About your microphone check that its not mute and other settings.

  5. Lol. Why does everybody try to make Gnome look like OSX? I'll admit that OSX does look nice, but it's looked the same for a few years.

    One thing I did in Gnome was create my own taskbar background in Gimp and applied it using the Panel Properties. It looks better…

    FYI, that sidebar that appears on 2:57 is Google Sidebar for Linux, and he manually put the icons on the right side.

    Why did you improvise a dock when there are many high-quality docks available?

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