A History of Windows XP/Whistler Development (Post-Luna Builds)

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Continuing what we started in last week’s video, today we’re going to be taking a look at 3 Windows Whistler builds that include the Luna theme. This gives us a look at the last phase of XP’s development, and what was done to further improve the OS before release in 2001.
Pre-Luna Video:
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  1. I don´t know why but I can´t get enough of the Luna theme, the installer looks beautiful, the UI is nice, and it always works. Shame Microsoft doesn´t hype their systems as much anymore, the release of Windows 10 was everything but exciting. The launch of Windows XP was super exciting and fun.

  2. I was always curious about XP development as I recall hearing people saying this and vista took some wild rides from development to going gold. thank you as it saves me having to satisfy that itch by downloading these betas. I do quite like the final non-Luna set of themes. XP's final themes are a bit garish

  3. Immediately after every XP install I changed the theme back to Windows Classic as well as the explorer folder views and Control Panel views.
    The Luna theme to my eyes was a cross between Teletubbies and FisherPrise and MyFirstWinders.

  4. 27:48, the 2465/2469 tour was in a pop-up view. The 2474/2475 tour was in full screen, but after intro, you couldn't exit. And the song for those build is all the same, but different, the song you might not heard is "The Connected Home and Office" beta and was not used in final. Intro music is Best For Business in final version (But remixed) and Safe and Easy Personal Computing , Unlock the would of digital media, and windows xp basics same song and same sections, Best For Business in beta was "The Connected Home and Office" in final, though the XP Basics in 2474/2475 was seperate, segment 5.

  5. 2469, 2474, and 2475 is like final xp, and they had the welcome music too.

    2474 is like xp final, well it didn't had the xp silver and olive green yet, 2475 welcome screen had a animated windows logo welcome screen, (it would animate for a couple of seconds, and windows massager is went to previous version, till 2481.

  6. in the first build you showed on the taskbar and start menu window in the start menu tab if you look closely you will see there is a picture of the new green start button but the old windows logo. it seems like the change to the new windows logo was really sudden and last minute. i wonder why they decided to change it in the first place?

  7. The personal bar is like the media bar , located between favorites and history. but they removed the media feature as of Windows XP Service Pack 2 and Windows Media Player 9 Series was replaced for Windows Media Player 8 , they still have Windows Media Player (version 2000) separate.

  8. mjd7999 – For Whistler 2465 , if you lock your taskbar and have window maximized , there will be a gap in between but you can fix it by dragging a folder to the edge of the screen (select "Always on top" and resize it. and close the toolbar). The Open Window that appears on the taskbar flashed a little different , mostly on the edge of it. When it turns yellow , it flashed on the edge only. The Window icon on the top right of Internet and Windows Explorer still looks old.

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