A Look at Linux Lite OS 3.2

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Time to check in with the Linux Lite project and see what’s new with their fantastic lightweight OS.

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  1. I liked your video and I have an older machine so I decided to change from Mint to Lite. Everything does work better on Lite. This is a nice distro, it runs fast and smooth and is easy to use.

  2. Linux lite is one of a few that recognize my 2nd VGA monitor at boot. laptop with broken screen. Since 2.0, lite for me. 3.6 now, not one crash, ever. 32bit 2.0 on a dell from 2003, now 64 bit on a Dell from 2009. I have tried 20 plus distros. Lite always works.

  3. thanks so very much my friend great tips now i know so much more,,i have Linux lite on my desktop and i love it so much so fast and smooth,,,,only one problem maybe you can help,,there is floppy disk icon on screen and i cannot remove it how do i do that please.thanks again ernie in holland Netherlands

  4. 14:12 If you switch to a "dark" theme you also need to find and switch to a "dark" icon theme. Especially when you are showing a distro off here in youtube. Other-vice your desktop looks like a smiling hockey-player with knocked out teeth. Makes a bad impression, don't you think?

  5. Linux Lite reminds me very much of Linux Mint. This might be because Linux Mint was the first Linux distro I ever used, and such it's my most primitive conception of Linux as an OS, but it really does seem similar to Mint. The menus, synaptic, the panel, the icons etc., although I would imagine this being maybe a little more lighweight.
    Anyway, thank you for making this video and showing us Linux Lite! I'm planning on switiching my Manjaro parititon out and installing Lite there instead. 🙂

  6. Stinks of W7. No f imagination.
    Users have been so brainwashed into using a computer the Windows way that they think that's the only way to use a computer. As a result they need something like this to induce them to use Linux. If they want to use a computer use the terminal. No one said using a computer was meant to be easy. Computers are wasted on most people anyways. Use a calculator instead.

  7. While I wait to find out why my wireless is not working withing Linux Lite I took a tour through my installed linux Lite I am very impressed especially the part where there is an option to permanently install Linux Lite that got my attention s I am tired of windows n want to move on. the ease of navigation through the system is great. I like it n will like it even more when I get my wireless to work 😀

  8. Do all Linux have Proprietary Drivers such as Broadcom? I need to install seperate drivers but which one do I install for wireless drivers. I have Linux Lite n my laptop is an Inspiron 1501. thanks for any help.

  9. Hi the installation went well, I've updated everything on a wire ethernet it found my wifi driver, I can connect with wifi it says I am connected after putting my wifi password but the internet doesn't work, it says page cannot display check your firewall setting ect… on firefox, I've tried many web-site, any solutions? it shows my wifi is connected 261 MB/s, it did worked on windows 7, but not on any linux lite

  10. I am one of your novice followers, David Locklear, in Arcola, Texas, USA.I have been using Linux for 8 months ( about 2 hours a day as a novice ) and FreeBSD for 2 months ( about 2 hours per day. )    About a month ago, my wife kicked me out, and I have been living day to day in my car and in cheap seedy motels in an unpleasant part of the inner-city.    I am an hour drive from my 6th grade kid, who needs a computer.    I do not have a laptop with Linux and the kid only has an old Chromebook.    She called, in tears, needing to finish her term-paper and she was having Wi-Fi issues.    Unknown to me, the router needed to be reset ( I guess by the provider service from their end ?? ).      So I went to Walmart at 2 a.m. and a very friendly handicapped mentally-impaired guy worked his tail off to get me out of the store with a new HP All-In-One pc, ( with of course Windows 10 ).   By 6 a.m. I had everything working, with the exception of the Wi-Fi / internet related stuff, meaning I had almost nothing working.     Had the internet worked, the AIO pc would have been simple to set up.     I had to wait for the tech service to open and get the router reset, and by 7:30 a.m., I was printing to my kid's printer via the cloud.   But by that point, she had already printed her term paper from her Chromebook and was late for school.     So I am now out $ 380, and $ 20 in gas.   So I sort of wasted $ 400 that I desperately needed.     I had to take the morning off work and take a long power-nap, just to emotionally recover from all that drama.   I am now watching your Linux Lite video on this AIO pc using Edge Browser 25.10586.    The cheap router is about 12 feet away behind a wall, and the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi seems to work fine.    This pc has a Celeron processor and 4 GB of presumable low-quality DDR3.   The operation of the environment is slow as molasses and the sound is horrible, but probably comparable to a laptop in the same price range.       I plan to keep this HP AIO pc.    Maybe someday, I can put LXLE 16.04.2 or Antix-16 on it.    It is easy to move around the house and temporarily set up in the breakfast room, as that is where I am now.     The kid likes this AIO pc, just because every single part of every single component is pearl-white in color.    Since it is basically a toy computer, I told her she could paint it with fingernail polish and put pink and purple stickers on it.With this pc, you have to be very careful with cutting and pasting, as it locks up the app.   Navigating too rapidly, will cause programs to freeze, but so far the program eventually unfreezes on its own.Hopefully, next week, I can be in a weekly motel and set up my Linux ( Mageia 6 ) box and my TrueOS box.     I have not updated either OS in almost 3 weeks, so I am having symptoms from "temporary system update withdrawal syndrome,"  TSUWS, LOL.The keyboard "caps lock" button on the HP AIO pc has a white back-light behind the key that lights up when pressed.

  11. grabbing the edges to resize windows has always been terrible on XFCE. If you don't know about the alt-key shortcuts that let you grab an edge from anywhere in the window, then it's a real pain. Depending on your setup, it's either alt+right mouse, or alt+middle mouse. Doesn't work so well in a VM or VNC if the host OS catches it though

  12. I've got a fairly powerful system, and I've been using Ubuntu for quite a long time – since it began. I experimented with Mint a couple of times, but it seemed to me to be a poor cousin to Ubuntu, so I always went back to Ubuntu.
    I have to thank you, Joe, for introducing me to MATE. I've added it as a secondary desktop environment, and now I use it all the time. Maybe secretly, I've been pining for the old Gnome 2 that I really liked.

  13. Having VLC and Virtual box makes it not all that light.
    On Puppy Linux both of those are optional you can add if needed.
    I think the JWM window manager is better.
    That "lovely layout" is needlessly ugly. Someone worked hard to make it that bad.
    Unused memory on Linux really doesn't matter. Free memory gets allocated as buffers to speed up disk I/O so it is not shown as free.
    512Meg should be more than enough for a light weight Linux. Old hardware and Linux can make a good machine for people on a small budget.
    I prefer to spawn a new files window when moving and copying. It is much easier than tabs or split windows.

  14. I spend my time building computers for other people, who don't necessarily know anything about updating or upgrading OSes. Therefore, one of my biggest interests is in a LONG Term Support. Linux Lite is only supported for two years from the release of Ubuntu's LTS – April 2016, barely over a year left at this point. It's just not supported long enough for a newbie IMO.

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