A Look at Ubuntu 17,10 “Artful Aardvark” Beta 1

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Here’s what’s happening with the upcoming release of Ubuntu..

Nifty Fossbytes article:

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  1. kinda tricky to use a second monitor with your laptop in a classic 2-monitor laptop as TV setup.

    a) most of the laptop fn-key controls are not implemented properly and will cause strange behaviour

    b) shutting off the monitor does shut off the second screen as well even though it is not mirrored or extended but attached. neither mode shows different results

    in general, from a desktop user side i see a lot of redundancy in the Gnome desktop and a lot of nifty functionality that i miss which other distros (mate, manjaroo) provide
    f.e. split folders. but in general, it lacks modification MENUES in my opinion. I do not feel very entitled in ubuntu 17.10, in fact LESS as in windows just going by the options avalible on GUI, not that this is not a general ubuntu trend, but honestly, some more menue depth and detail should be possible

    as of yet, i would not run any of my customers on 17.10
    i also see the commitment to 64-bit as a problem, especially for a lot of REAL JOB APPLICATIONS for example BRICSCAD which is reliant on 32-bit libraries and will
    definitely prevent some technical linux users from porting to higher versions. And professionals are the testimonials to linux, they should be pleased not overwhelmed
    with new hurdles.

    the trend-orientation of linux development means that it takes a long time for such libraries to make the jump to newer versions leading any system administrator to do all sorts of splits

  2. Updated from 16.04 to 17.04, lost the usb and keyboard drivers, had to reinstall them using the f*cking onscreen keyboard and the laptop trackpad. FINNALY updated to this a few hours later.

  3. I'm using it,beta version installed without problems.Everything works smooth and I like gnome 3 and ubuntu customization.My hardware is 5 years old laptop,but never reached bad temperature and crisis due to excessive overload.the O.S looks polish and well organizated!thank you.

  4. Hey Jo1 Nice video. One point of correction though. This isn't the first release of Ubuntu featuring Gnome. For years Gnome was the default desktop until Canonical's efforts to unify all platforms occurred and they created and moved to Unity as the default unifying desktop.

  5. I've really enjoyed distro hopping for many years, now I just use Manjaro xfce . Always up to date, always the latest software, rock solid. Gnome is good and Ubuntu is the default for 3rd party software eg Bigwig which I use. for music. I think that Canonical have done the right thing and made Ubuntu more universally appealling, whether they topple Mint remains to be seen.

  6. To be honest i am disappointed. I think unity is a pretty handy desktop, really efficient for smaller screens, functional and relatively snappy. Gnome is ok, but it's too based in extensions to work properly and you really don't have the same kind of room for customization like with other environments such as kde-plasma. So I think that that unity will be missed, but ubuntu and gnome shouldn't have been separated in the first place. Well before unity classic gnome + compiz = fun + handy +beautiful.

  7. Even though I'm impressed with what Canonical has done with Ubuntu's GNOME, I'm still mad they canned Unity.
    Other than Ubuntu MATE, I don't know of any distribution that has a HUD by default, which is one of my favorite Unity features ever. Pretty much one of the reasons why I tried out Linux in the first place.

  8. You can put lipstick on a turn but it doesnt matter because it is still a pile of shit. GNOME Shell is a pile of shit. Any interface that requires a tweak tool to get basic functionality is junk. Should have kept Unity or went with Cinnamon or KDE.

  9. Thanks for the video. I'm now using 16.04 and honestly was a little afraid that they're just put a standard Gnome look by default. And yes, I know I could change everything but don't like to spend many time to doing that.
    By the way do you know what's with Wacom tablets support? Is it still works fine? That's very important to me.

  10. Installed the regular dash to dock but some extension works some do not. I am still baffled over why Canonical would not have this feature working out of the box. I really need the aplication menu extension that will not work with 17.10.

  11. Wow! Hadn't realized they had wrapped around back to A again. I got on the Ubuntu train way back with Dapper Drake. But, as of late been using a Mac. Good to see Ubuntu is still around. But, sad to see they're still fighting over the whole desktop issue.

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