Activate Windows 10 Permanently Without Any software

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Activate Windows 10 Without Any Software .Go to below Link Copy the code and paste it on Notepad save as .bat file . Run it with admin Privileges.

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  1. 2 (WHAT IS GOING ON), just wanted 2 let chu know dat witout a doubt u r wut'z goin on yo!…(LOL). I mean their is so much shit & liez & deception out there on the web that when u see something advertised or someone advertising something on the net that soundz just a lil 2 good 2 b real or true it usually is. Most of the time it'z a false ad redirecting u 2 some bogus bullshit site 2 try 2 sell u something u don't want or need, or worse yet 2 infect ur computer with some fucked up virus. But u didn't do none of that fucked up shit, u put out the sho-nuff righteousness. I watched ur vid & already being familiar with bat filez waz able 2 follow u right away & did. When I ran the file the 1st time it ran & worked just like magic, I didn't experience any probz wutsoeva. So 2 anyone seeing this vid 4 the 1st time, I'm telling u, u can 100% trust that wut my man tellz u is 100% true. All u need 2 do is just simply follow his instructionz & I guarantee u will experience the same resultz that I & so many otherz did. So on parting (WHAT IS GOING ON) I would just like 2 say 2 u & 2 the devz of this most unbelieveable, awesome piece of work from the very bottom, thx a million 4 this most extraordinary gift. Peace, luv & continued blessingz.

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