Activate Windows 7 in One Click | All Versions

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  1. F@ck off you m@therf@cker b@tch!!!!!!!!!! I just reinstalled my computer because I virus came through this program from another source, and you too??? DO NOT DOWNLOAD ITS WIN LOADER FROM THE LINKED SOURCE!!!!

  2. i dont try to follow this step .but i copy this code and try to active my windows in online .its really awesome .and i thanks for this uploader …..this code is windows 7 ultimate …… RHTBY-VWY6D-QJRJ9-JGQ3X-Q2289 thatss it …………………….

  3. This is for everyone who think "its a virus" because they seen avast or any kind of virus protection warns virus! YEAH ACTUALLY IT IS VISUS because that active your windows on ilegal way, and must be virus to successful active your windows.. IF YOU DON LIKE THE VIRUS THEN GO BUY YOUR LICENSE for cheaply price it is only $400$..

  4. Helo Guys….How you doing…Guys I just gone through with few of your Comments you know guys the fact about Anti Virus …ANTI VIRUS is nothing but a Virus, it has few advance commands which shows you the particular file is a Virus like Trojan…how many guys have a knowledge of Trojan Virus…non of your system get attacks with Trojan virus…Trojans are used by a professional Hackers, not every app has a Trojan, non of a Anti Virus can remove a Trojan from your Sys…Trojan kills your System..

  5. For Windows 7 Pro: HWQ4T-J9D63-BGJ3Y-9RFGB-R6WDK

    I'm giving this one away, because I don't want anyone to get fucked over by this shit scam. The crack works, but it causes a blue screen later on.

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