Add and run Windows 8.1 and 10 xbox live apps and games to Steam or any other front end easy!

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Want to add Windows 10 Apps and games to your steam so you can use them easy style!
Now that Xbox games will be cross platform with windows 10 this will be used more and more.

Open File Explorer and paste the following in the address bar: or windows key R to open the run box.


Press Enter. You should be greeted with a secret folder containing a bunch of random apps and actions.

Find the Modern app you want to create a shortcut to. Right-click on it and choose “Create…


  1. People with the problem that it can't find the .ink file. Here is how to solve it:
    Between the echo off and the start line you need to make another line. It needs to say cd (folder path)
    So it looks like this on my pc:
    echo off

    cd C:ShortcutForza motorsport 7

    start motorsport7.lnk

    I hope this helps 😀

  2. The instructor should have reshot the video. I spent 45 minutes looking for the link to paste into the C drive's task bar to create the link for my game to the desktop. Also shouldn't have the text or bat file already created ahead of your students but should be made along with them…

  3. Combining some solutions I found this much easier:

    *.Bat file is not required!

    in explorer;

    Press organize; show menu bar (or something, roughly translating);
    In the menu:
    View; Group or sort by AppUserModelID; find the ID for the desired app to be added;

    In Steam add non-steam-game:
    Add explorer.exe from the C:Windows directory
    Change Icon and name as desired;
    Change launch option to:
    shell:appsFolder<INSERT THE AppUserModelID>

    For Halo Wars 2 this would be:

    And voila!

    Happy gaming 🙂

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