Add NVMe driver support to Windows 7 Installation

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More and more notebooks use M.2 NVMe drives:
Razer Blade Stealth
Asus ux390, ux306, X99-PRO
Macbook pro retina
hp spectre x360 and 13
Dell xps 13/15
Xiaomi mi Air 13

All of them use NVMe drives M.2:
Samsung SM951, 950, 960 Pro
WD Black
Intel SSD 600p Series

Other PCIe SSD drives:
Plextor M6e
G Skill Phoenix Blade
Asus RAIDR Express
Toshiba OCZ RD400 Series
Kingston Digital Hyper X Predator
Intel 750

Add native driver support in NVMe in Windows 7 Installation
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  1. OK, after trying MILLIONS of ways to get W7 installed on my Samsung NVMe drive, I found that MSI has the only working solution for me, and it is mega simple !
    You will need:
    – MSI W7 Smart tool
    – W7 iso file
    Fucking simple.
    Simply run the MSI W7 Smart tool, select the W7 iso file, select to add USB, NVMe and iRST drivers.
    Then select your USB target flash drive.
    MSI then makes a bootable USB disk with NVMe drivers.

    All the fucking bullshit I had to do for fucking 2 days trying to install W7 on this Samsung 950 drive.
    Nobody except for MSI decided to make this simple tool, Not Intel, with their incomprehensible technical note, not Microsoft who should have included the NVMe drivers standard in the downloadable W7 iso.

    I guess that MS tries to make this stuff as difficult as possible, so ppl will not try to install W7 anymore. So, I think MS is telling everybody that they are not allowed to use the NVMe drivers or whatever. In fact, the Reddit poast about this subject has a not working link to the Samsung drivers.
    Anyway, I might have gotten a bit crazy, because how on earth is it possible that such a small missing driver can cause such problems, and so many post on internet with EXTENSIVE DIFFICULT explanations, all not working. (except for the solution of MSI, which is childish simple)
    My next mobo will be MSI, not Asus.

  2. Great tutorial man!
    I've read so many forum posts on this topic, and ultimately what you show here in under 10 minutes would take hours to track down otherwise.
    Thanks a million!

  3. uGe Km, Thank you so much on solving the trouble problem of Windows 7 and samsung 960 EVO in installation. I like W7 more than W10, due to W7 more cleanly and readable easily, also i love samsung 960 evo performance awesome. I never the simple solution as you as faster. Appreciated from Hong Kong reader.

  4. Thanks for this helpful video. i followed the instructions and made a usb stick with the drivers and the image. unfortunately i have an issue with the harddrive when choosing the installation location. "windows can not be installed on the chosen drive because it equates the GPT Partition style". Not sure what to do about it.
    I thought it relates to legacy and uefi mode, but i cant even start the installation when everything is set to uefi. Any thoughts on what i am doing wrong?

  5. Thank you for the video. I followed the steps exactly, but when I start up the windows installation it just takes me straight to the load drivers screen and it gives me errors about no drivers being available and get I stuck on that screen, I can't figure out what went wrong.

  6. OMG FINALLY! Thank you so much man! you did it! I was working on this for weeks, no joke! wow! ok so , now I have windows 7 pro 64 installed on my new Samsung 960 256GB SSD, and Im subbed to your channel but, 1 problem bro.. Why the hell do I only have 110GB left on my 256GB drive..? 146GB gone!, lol, what happened!? please continue to be my hero!!

  7. I tried following this tutorial to install window 7 on a xiao mi air 12.5. But during installation using the window 7 USB 3.0 iimage creater, it got stuck at the "cleaning up mount directory" part.. help?

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