Add Store Apps to the Volume Mixer in Windows 10

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With the arrival of Windows 8, windows apps became segregated; they were either your normal desktop apps or they conformed to the new Modern standard. Both would function in a different space and no doubt create plenty of confusion for users. One stark reminder of this is Internet Explorer having a separate desktop app and Modern app in Windows 8. Windows 10 has made steps to reconcile this but they are less than…


  1. Cool Tip. Just as an FYI. The last couple of windows 10 insider builds have native support for store apps in the volume mixer. So for those not wanting a work around, you'll get this in the Windows 10 Anniversary update in July 2016

  2. Whenever I restart an app, and open it back up and try to reset the volume in eartrumpet, it sets back to 100 every time. It requires a system restart. Anyone know a fix for this permanently?

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