After Windows 10 Creators Update, cleanup 30GB, show version on desktop, resume daily backups

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  1. Hmm that build number is not much use for me, as it I am Pre Windows Creator 'Version 1607 (OS Build 14393.1198)'. However it shows my build 14393.rs1_release_sec.170427-1353. Your build was 'Version 1703 (OS Build 15063.138)', and on your desktop it shows as '15063.rs2_release_sec.170317-1834'.

    I do not find it intuitive. It would be nice (for me) if it showed the information in the same manner as 'winver.exe', as I find it easyer to track which large release via the first two didgets of the version number i.e. 14 for first release, 15 for the big release that made it work with many older machines, 16 is the anniversary relase and now 17 for creators.

    I understand that this is not under your control, the software was not written by you. I also understand that for many software folk who need the full information that what you have shown is a huge boon. But if you know an easy way to get the abreviated version number to appear there, I would be most grateful.

    Nice video 🙂

  2. Yes, it has 30GB cause it's basically a full OS update for creators but reading your disk clean up. Are you REALLY concerned about 30GB on a 2TB drive? I know 30GB is a lot, but are you THAT worried about it?

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