Alienware Aurora R5: Ubuntu Live USB Blackscreen Fix

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Ran into a black screen and a white cursor while trying to boot into a live Linux USB using a Dell Aurora R5, here’s a fix.
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  1. Yeah, since 14.04 (or even before?) Ubuntu supports EFI, so no problem there. The problem, i assume is secure boot and some otehr options on that machine, but also, once you installed system in legacy/BIOS mode, you need to reformat whole system, you need to create GPT partition table for your installation drive (in this case raid), and then create ext4 partition, and then install system. I'm not sure if Ubuntu does that automatically (it should), but yeah, you will lose all data etc., there is a way to convert drive, but i never played with it, and I can't say if it works and how it works, but I do know that data loss is potential when converting.

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