Alienware Windows 8.1 Pro Upgrade (simple) HD Video

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Alienware M17x R3 upgraded to Windows 8 Pro.When you upgrade your Alienware system to Windows 8, everything will go smoothly. But you do need a few things. Find out who makes your video card. You will need to download the drivers for both the Intel HD Graphics card and the high end card in your system. Other than that, your Alienware system will be crazy fast. Faster than it was before. Windows 8 is amazing. Thanks Microsoft! Thought I would ever say that, lol
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  1. my windows 8 sucks video game i don't get maximum performance bf3 i got the graph on medium and it still lag 4 month my connection to the internet goes really bad. sooooooooo idk why u will like to switch from alienware to windows 8

  2. Yes, I have a question, All of my folders and documents, BF3, NFSMW etc etc. will that be in the folders they were in? And will all my icons be on the desktop? thanks.

  3. windows 8 pro sucks for my alienware m18xr2 the macros key dont work my anti virus give me blue screens and the video drivers work but some buttons don`t work ….the speed is great and I like the lay out a lot but I am not getting to use my alienware the way I really want to and dell driver suck your right I am going back to windows 7 64 bit 8 is not for me

  4. I am having no issues, other than my Intel HD 3000 graphics. It was no major issue other than I had to re install the driver two times. I am running M17x R3. If you are having issues with a piece of hardware, download the driver and manually install it. Make sure you download ALL the Windows 8 updates.

  5. My disc drive to insert CDs after the upgrade I have to eject the cd drive when there is nothing in there then insert the game I have a m14x also live central web cam is messing audio effects

  6. I just did a full image backup. Non of the Alienware controllers work with Windows 8. Like I said you are all alone when you upgrade to 8. I'm quite pissed with Dell. Us people that buy Alienware want to have the best gaming experience possible. You would think that Dell would have been ready for us…

    Rob The Plumber

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