All Aboard Ubuntu 16.10 | Linux Action Show 439

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Has Ubuntu fallen behind, or setting a new bar of refinement? We load up our hardware with Ubuntu 16.10, walk away with some big surprises & two totally different experiences.

Plus KDE celebrates 20 years in a way only open source can, real VR gets demoed on Linux, the big BSD news & more!

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  1. What Linux really lacks in multiDpi support. Extending a non hiDPI monitor with a hiDPI internal monitor display results into lots of issues. I don't think Linux is ready for the desktop until support for this has completely landed in Wayland/Mir and until all distros switch to Wayland/Mir.

  2. tried Ubuntu mate 16.10. have an amd 7650k apu and couldn't get any drivers for the graphics. played video and just got tearing so went back to windows 10. shame because I loved the distro.

  3. Unity has a very big problem when you have multiple displays with different resolution – if your main screen is the one with lowest resolution and you put a lot of icons in your desktop, a lot of them will be hidden in the bottom of the screen.

  4. 8:10 As much as I love to geek around find cool software solutions, as someone in pro broadcast, I'd take a standalone box anyday. Why? Redundancy/failability. Especially in remote situations, better to have your replay box die than have your computer that was doing streaming, graphics, and replays.

  5. Tried ubuntu 16.10 and the main problem is lack of many packages and ppa's not working for this version of ubuntu. Maybe they will be added with time but at the moment most methods of getting software through additional ppa's doesn't work, which makes lot of issues. Also, ubuntu of any version is not working correctly on all my laptops (no issues on PCs thou), so I HAVE TO use arch based distros.

  6. Hey – thanks to LAS, Im currently running :
    – Linux on my desktop with a big assed screen for webdev (KDE on PCLinuxOS)
    – A custom made mech keyboard with blank PBTs
    – A chromebook to the left of me, as a test device
    – An android phone to the right of me as another test device
    – An ssh session into my FreeBSD server on DigitalOcean … both of which Id never have tried without Jupiter Broadcasting .

    Thanks Guys !!!
    My life is now complete.

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