All problem solved – Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (install all 3rd party software)

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many people are facing problems in installing third party softwares in Ubuntu. Now i have the issue sorted out for u. best of luck


  1. Liked your detailed explanation, but I have a different problem here.
    I installed python 3.6.2 and it all messed with python 2.7 and now I'm not able to "install, update, upgrade" any new softwares no matter 3rd party or system's neither through terminal nor through software center.
    My "Software and updates" from system settings doesn't even launch.
    Can you help me out with this by making a video, would be very thankful!

  2. Hi, everyrtime I update Ubuntu gets problems. I get the feeling is a matter of 3rd party stuff.
    Next time I'll install an OS without mark the check 'download 3rd party'. I bet it'll work far much better without 3rdparty stuff. Is it possible? Thanx

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