AMD A10 7850K + DirectX 12 – Test Zone #3 – Windows 10 Insider Preview

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Please watch: “VuGo, Worst Tech of 2005 | Why Did This Exist? #1”


See how DirectX 12 performs on the A10 7850K APU in 3D Mark!!!

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  1. I wonder if you had 32GB of DDR3_2600 RAM would that be better as the APU shares it's RAM with the GPU and the CPU, if you can allocate more memory to your graphics memory pool to get better graphics say 8GB might be appropriate if you have 32GB of system RAM I myself am using 16GB of DDR3-2600 system RAM which means I can allocate 4GB of RAM to my display pool.

  2. dude, loving the content!!!! I have no idea why this only has 350 views :/ oh well, keep bringing all the good stuff and you will build up the viewer base – subbed and liked my man!!

  3. First time commenting but I've watched a few of your video's now. First off thanks for the video's, I enjoy the content. The only advice I could give as a viewer is to try and relax and get comfortable when recording. Maybe take a few notes too in case you feel your head might go blank when thinking of what you wanted to say. I have a few idea's to help with these things if it will help. Other than that you're doing well. Like I said I like your content, you seem a genuine guy who is following his passion. Keep up with the video's buddy, I'll be watching.

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