Annoying Pop Up for Windows XP / 7 – VBScript EASY HACK trick tutorial – mean joke

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Easy tutorial on how to make an annoying Vbscript Pop UP Message Box. NO PROGRAMMING KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED. Annoy your friends and co-workers.

Feel free to play this trick on your friends and give me a video response of them getting had by this trick.

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x=msgbox(“Gingers DO have souls!”,4+12+4096, “Fatal Error”)

dim sURL
sURL= ”
dim objIE
Set objIE = CreateObject(“InternetExplorer.Application”) …


  1. Instead of navigating all that way for the startup folder for one user, you could have more fun by creating a startup directory in the root of C:Program Files and naming the folder startup, this acts as a startup folder like whats in XP.

  2. Haha, thanks. I hope this prank works out for you!

    Yes, change the location to where ever you place the music file. If you make a new folder to hide it, and name it something like "windows32", your path would look something like "C:windows32MyMusicFile.mp3" in the script.

    Just make sure that you test it on your machine first as any little stray space can mess up the file and give you an error.

    Good luck!

  3. Also, I tested the music on Win XP (not sure if it works on Win 7). And, if you cut and paste from my comment, watch out for a weird character after the word "run" that looks like either a "square" or a "?" when you view it in notepad. Just remove the bad character and you're good to go.

    Make sure your music code is the last part of your program

  4. Thanks. Oh, hell yea. Drop this line into your code:

    CreateObject("WScript.Shell"). Run "wmplayer " & Chr(34) & "C:BlackEyedPeas-PumpIt.mp3" & Chr(34), 0

    Just make sure
    1) the command is all on the SAME line (youtube breaks it to 2 lines)
    2) you change "C:BlackEyedPeas-PumpIt.mp3" to your mp3 and your mp3's path!
    3) test your script to make sure it works first

    Let me know how it goes.

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